Weather is as the weather does. Roofs can take a beating from every element Mother Nature throws at it. Rain, hail, high winds, cold, and heat all play a major role in the eventual breakdown of your roof. This goes double for the gutters that may be falling apart. We can replace those in a snap.
If you ever experience the slightest worry that your roof may have sustained some damage, we want you to give us a call to come out to perform an inspection. Our roof techs are very thorough, and we will give you an honest opinion on the condition of your roof and whether it is need of repair or replacement. You can’t stay in the roofing business this long without being honest and straightforward. We do both!

Roof Maxx is an all-natural non-toxic solution for effectively maintaining and extending the life
of an aging asphalt roof. It is also a great solution to simply buy some more time on roofs that are at the end of their useful life.

In addition to the Roof Maxx shingle treatment, we also offer our Roof Tune-Up package to alleviate leaks around plumbing vents, skylights, and chimneys. This tune-up includes a 5 year no leak warranty from Above Board Construction covering the most common leak areas of an aging roof.

FAQ’s Regarding Roof Maxx

Most asphalt roofs begin showing signs of drying out between 6 and 10 years of age. This however depends on region and intensity of the Sun’s UV rays. Roofs in the Central Valley area of northern California can begin to show signs as early as 3 to 5 years on southern and western facing slopes.

The first sign is when your shingles’ protective top layer of granule coating begins shedding off into the gutters. This coating functions as a type of “sunscreen” for your shingles. The oil contained within your shingles is essential for maintaining this coating, and as it dries out, the shingles start to become brittle and crack causing this protective top layer of granules to shed from the shingles on your roof. Other clues your roof is drying out or deteriorating include black stains and streaking on the shingles. Most roofs with staining are shedding the protective top coating to varying degrees. However, staining does not harm the roof and is only an aesthetic issue.

Yes. Roof Maxx is an all-natural food-grade product that is 100% safe for people, pets, property, and the environment.

Roof Maxx’s sole purpose is to maintain your shingles’ flexibility, which is necessary to facilitate daily expansion and contraction. This is not a guarantee against leaks or any other roof related damages. While many factors can affect how long shingles will last (such as proper installation or attic ventilation), this limited warranty covers against loss of the shingles’ flexibility, the leading cause of roof failure. Properly applied, Roof Maxx is formulated to keep asphalt shingles flexible for a period of five years. Should they lose their flexibility during the five year limited warranty period, Roof Maxx Technologies, LLC will supply the property owner with product on a pro-rated basis, over 60 months, to re-treat the shingles. Product can be shipped directly to the property owner or through their Authorized Roof Maxx Dealer. In either case, Roof Maxx Technologies, LLC is not responsible for the cost of shipping. All other warranties or representations, written or oral, are expressly between the property owner and the Authorized Roof Maxx Dealer. To file a claim, please contact Roof Maxx Technologies, LLC at 1-800-700-7325

Temperature: Above 36 degrees for application.
Rain: Roof Maxx quickly penetrates the shingle’s top layer in typically 1 hour. Once Roof Maxx has penetrated and been absorbed by the shingle there is no need for concern about it being washed away by the rain. Above Board Construction does not apply Roof Maxx unless there will be 24 hours for Roof Maxx to deeply penetrate absorb into the shingles.

Yes, and you’re going to like it. In most cases, Roof Maxx will bring your shingles closer to their original color. Aging shingles lighten in color as the oil drys out. So when Roof Maxx’s natural oil resaturates your shingles for greater flexibility and granule adhesion, it also helps to restore their color.