Our system is simple and direct. Our specialty is working with your insurance to ensure you receive the highest quality repair possible, not the cheapest.


  • We offer insurance documentation auditing, to make sure you’re being completely covered as you should be, for all repairs necessary in order to bring your structure to its previous condition.
  • We will work with your insurance to get the funding needed to do any repairs necessary for restoration. Our goal is always to get your property to the conditions prior to the incident requiring an insurance claim, or better.
  • We will work with your insurance company to fill in any gaps necessary. If your insurance company allocates an amount of funding that will not cover the cost needed for your project, we negotiate the higher funding amount needed.
  • We earn the trust of our clients, by doing the necessary work to secure the funding that you need.
  • We offer discounts which reduces the price of the repair and covers most, if not all, of your deductible.


  • We contact your insurance company for you. We have been in the industry since 2001; we have the knowledge needed to gain leverage on your behalf.
  • We complete a thorough site survey, assess the damage, take measurements and photos as documented proof of damage for your insurance company.
  • We submit our assessments to your insurance company to confirm the funding amount needed to complete repairs. This stage in the process allows your insurance company to confirm the origin of damage.


  • We need access to your insurance documentation, in order to ensure everything you need covered is being covered by the insurance.

Please note:
Should we attain the larger level of funding for your project from your insurance company, and then you decide to not move forward with our company to complete these repairs, there will be a service charge of $500 for our negotiation services.


  • Simply put, we only use superior products and workmanship techniques.
    All the premiere building products we use have been tested and proven, as have our industry leading workmanship warranties.
  • With 20 years of licensed experience in the building industry, the greatest thing we provide you is assurance.
  • We guarantee we will match any written contract for services and warranties that are equivalent to ours.